Getting Exercise Back on Track When Life Happens

Posted by Leigh Conducy on June 16, 2015 at 9:21 AM

Sometimes, life gets in the way of my workout routine and I have to find the motivation to restart my fitness schedule. The last two weeks have been really tough for me, so exercise has taken a back seat to events in my life.

 Leigh Conducy Goji Challenge Getting exercise back on track after tragedy.

One of my apprentices was involved in a fatal car crash on his way to work. This tragedy left his wife of three weeks and his bright little boy of five years on this earth without a husband or father. I have experienced loss before, but never involving one that left a child fatherless. These past weeks have been tough on my spirit and have required extra time from my schedule.

After the funeral, I set up a bucket truck for the little boy to ride as a tribute to his father, who was a lineman. The entire parking lot was filled with tears watching him put on a harness and a hard hat. He was excited to jump into the bucket with his father's best friend and rise high into the air. It was a beautiful and sad moment.

Seeing that little boy reminded me that life is precious and it's filled with joy and sometimes tragedy and a lot of busy work and family stuff in between. I needed to be present with my colleagues and their families through this tough time and that meant my workouts were lower priority. Life happens and that was the right choice for me.

I write about this because everyone has life happen to them and it can be daunting to get back on schedule to take care of our health. I want to share how I am managing my journey to health and wellness through tough times to perhaps inspire you through life's setbacks. They happen to everyone and we have to be kind to ourselves and allow these breaks.

My weight didn't drop this week, but I am committed to getting back on track with my cardio exercise schedule. My workouts with Goji Play have been my grounding point. The motivation I get from Blue Goji is wonderful. No matter what I go through, my old habit of eating unhealthy food to cope with tragedy has been squashed by my desire to succeed in my journey alongside Blue Goji. It isn’t easy, but I will not fail. And if I can succeed, so can you! 31 days into my Goji Challenge and I am just getting warmed up. My mind repeats the mantra, “Do not look back. Travel forward. Never again let that ten pounds I just lost come back to my body.” Ten pounds in 31 days feels great, but the fear of falling backwards keeps me motivated and steady.

Developing healthy habits is going to take time and patience. I can't expect 15 years of bad eating to be cured in a month. The reality of my journey to fitness is that my family now means more to me than every possession I own. My family members are counting on me to be healthy and I am committed to be there for them. Being fit and healthy is something that I can control by showing restraint with my old habits. I may not be able to control every condition in the world, but I can control my health and am motivated to do so. And I will. I am!

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