Indulging on Vacation - How to #TreatYoSelf and Stay In Shape

Posted by Lindsay Schrock on July 28, 2015 at 2:56 PM

How to enjoy vacation indulgence while keeping your diet healthy

We recently covered how to maintain some form of physical exercise while on vacation.  But there is, of course, another aspect of healthy living to keep in mind - nutrition.  Between breakfast buffets, all-inclusive resorts, and the ever-present vacation cocktail, you can easily rack up hundreds of extra calories per day without even noticing.  But it is possible to treat yourself without over indulging with these simple strategies. Enjoy AND stay in shape!

1. Stick to Two Healthy Meals per Day

Instead of falling victim to a free-for-all of less-than-stellar food choices for the entire day, aim to include two healthy meals and one treat meal in your daily intake.  So if you really have your heart (er, stomach) set on that french toast in the breakfast buffet line, have a small serving, and then commit to a salad for lunch and a protein with veggies for dinner.  

2. Pack your Plate with Nutrients

Don’t use this leisure time as an excuse to be completely lax on your nutrition habits.  As we already said about movement and exercise while vacationing, healthy eating during your trip will ensure that you’re truly enjoying your time away with a clear head and steady energy - no one wants to spend their vacation nursing a hangover or a sugar coma. So rather than piling your plate high with every drool-worthy morsel, choose proteins, healthy carbohydrates and a few nourishing fats - and THEN choose an indulgent treat.  Savor it, enjoy it, and stop when you’re full.  A few bites, or even the entire treat if it’s truly worth every. last. bite.  If you lay a good foundation of nutrient dense foods for your vacation diet, a small treat won’t break the bank.

3. Drink Plenty of Water (Especially Between Cocktails)

If you’re spending your vacation in the sun, it is crucial to drink enough water to stay hydrated.  Set a goal to drink a glass of water when you first wake up, and keep your intake consistent all day.  If you choose to imbibe a cocktail or two, make sure to drink a glass of water after each one to keep dehydration at bay.  If you’re staying somewhere tropical, take advantage of local fruits which will also add to your daily water intake.

With these strategies for vacation eats coupled with our tips for keeping active while away, you're well on your way to a relaxing, healthful retreat, no matter the destination!

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