Celebrating the Non-Scale Victories in My Weight Loss Challenge

Posted by Leigh Conducy on August 18, 2015 at 10:26 AM

A week removed from my Goji Challenge and I still find myself focused.

Non-Scale Victories (NSV) 

For the two weeks leading up to the completion of my weight loss challenge, I was away on business, tucked away in seminars and meetings doing very little exercise. I forgot to bring Goji Play along for the business trip and could have used it at the hotel gym. I need to remember to bring my interactive cardio game system with me next time a travel. I stayed true to my diet and was able to spend the last two weeks of my challenge breaking even with no weight loss but no weight gain. For me, that was actually a victory.  

Shortly after my Goji Challenge ended, however, I weighed in 2 pounds heavier. If you could have seen the look on my face as I watched the scale, you would have seen that old, tired look of dejection. It's devasting to regain weight I worked so hard to get off. I remember that day. I ate normally: a cheeseburger and some sweet potato fries for dinner. But, as the evening set in and I stepped on the scale, I was ready to destroy just about everything bad in my fridge and pantry! "How dare you, scale!" I thought to myself. I rolled over in my mind all the reasons why I should just eat with reckless abandonenment. Right after dinner, I went upstairs, lay down and read a book. I had a full glass of water and I let the evening slowly drift away. 

The next morning, I tried to wake up at 5AM for that one goal of starting my workouts early, but I missed it. Not letting that derail my day, I packed a light lunch, had a light dinner, and worked out on the elliptical once again. That's a Monday worth noting! A sign of rebound and determination.

I shrugged off the negativity. Look at the big picture. Focus on the non-scale victories (NSV), like Keriann did as well.

One more smile, I thought to myself. When I'm reflecting back on life, I ask myself, "What would I pay for one more smile? Just one more day to spend with my family? What is that worth? What would I pay to spend one more day with my loved ones?" The answer is, I'm willing to pay the price of exercising and eating healthy for all of those precious experiences. And when I can play video games on my exercise equipment, working out is fun!

I would travel the universe to be with my family. We speak so highly of our love, but are we willing to show that love by being a better example to my kids? If I love my kids, I will be a healthier man so I can care for them, cook for them, hug them, and be with them throughout their lives. 

The gift that health and wellness gives me is more life. More time with the family that I love. Awesome! More time with my family is what gives me the workout motivation I need. Join me for the next Goji Challenge and let’s encourage each other to eat healthy, workout and get in shape!

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