How I Eat Healthy Nutrition When Sweets Are Offered at Celebrations

Posted by Leigh Conducy on July 20, 2015 at 4:30 AM

Last week I sat at a table with my 9 year-old daughter, Annika, and the extended family, celebrating my youngest daughter’s second birthday. Out from the kitchen comes a beautiful, delicious-looking cake for everyone to enjoy: cheesecake ice cream strawberry shortcake supreme! Yeah, I was tempted, but I made good nutitional choices and said "No" to the cake.

Resisting temptation, eating healthy when treats offered keeps my healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals on track

Moments later, Annika shared with everyone at the table that she felt badly for me because her dad was the only one not eating cake. A few days later, I talked with Annika and shared with her how I really felt in that situation.

I told her that everyone sitting at that table knows that a healthy lifestyle can include a little bit of cake from time to time, but that they shouldn’t overindulge in sweets. She didn’t need to feel badly for me. I actually felt like a lion, proud to show myself that I am strong enough to keep my new healthy habits and diet, even while everyone else was indulging. While I am the one that bought the cake for the family to enjoy, I didn’t feel sad at all. Instead, I was overwhelmed with joy that I was stronger than the temptation to eat the cake was. I felt great about my resolve to get in shape and enjoying life! I hope she understands how great I feel after each and every single meal where I turned down food that would only make me gain the weight I have lost. I feel really good and motivated to keep my healthy habits and exercise routine going.

I gained a pound this week, but it wasn't because I made poor nutrition choices. To the contrary, I actually ate small meals and stayed on track. If anything, I was more strict than normal. However, with family in town, I did not have the opportunity to workout, was not overly active, and I sometimes skipped meals so I could make it to healthier food. As it turns out that may have been counter productive, as skipping meals slows down your metabolism and causes us to overeat when we have the chance. I did not have the time to prepare salads or proteins, so I the foods I ate weren't always the most nutrient-dense foods. But I can feel good about saying "No" to high calorie treats like cake. I did the best I could and the important thing is, I didn't give up! This week, I'm excited to get back to playing Goji Play and doing cardio exercise. I know I'll stay on track and achieve my weight loss goals. 

I have 22 days left in my Goji Challenge and I'm 12 pounds lighter than my 270 pound start. I have a full tank of energy and I am confident that I am going to hit my goal of losing 8 more pounds in those 22 days. 

I have lost those 12 lbs. and I'm on my way to reaching my goal weight and fitness level. Blue Goji has given me the power to push through tough times when I would have completely lost control of my diet, like during family vacation. Goji Play has helped push me through workouts that never would have happened. And with 22 days in my Goji Challenge, Blue Goji continues to encourage, stand beside me, and help me smile through adversity. 

If you have read my first blog, you know me and who I am. My world before Blue Goji was a bit like a polluted ocean; cloudy, and cluttered with hundreds of workout and fitness ideas, over processed foods and diet fads that didn’t work for me. My life is clearer and more focused now. I am losing the weight!

I am becoming the man I want to be. I will not stop, I will never stop, I will continue to filter through all the trash in my life and make my ocean blue.

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