How I Fit Workouts Into My Hectic Back-to-School & Work Schedule

Posted by Keriann Lowry on September 4, 2015 at 3:45 PM

The kids and I have started back to school. I mean that quite literally. Not only do I make sure that my children are up and ready for class, but I also work at home, run the household and take two college courses online. It’s a busy life! When school is in session, there’s very little, if any, spare time in the day. It all adds up to a very tired mama at the end of the day. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a demanding schedule like this! I’m in awe of those who take on all of these roles for their families, day in and day out. Which I guess means, I'm in awe of myself! Yay Keriann!


Even with fewer and smaller windows of free time available, it’s important for me (and for the whole family) to continue to make daily workouts a priority and to stay on track with my exercise routine. I’ve figured out I can squeeze in time for cardio sessions between work and studying, or between putting the kids to bed and my own bedtime. Surprisingly, I find it pretty easy for me to keep on my workout schedule. Yes, I said easy. I have Goji Play to thank for that. Because I look forward to playing games, I actually look forward to doing cardio. It's guilt-free gaming and some well-earned "Me Time".

Having fun with Goji Play makes my long 30 or 45 minute workout session feel like just a few minutes. Also, I can break up my longer workout into two 15 minute sessions and still get all of the great health and productivity benefits. I now look forward to my sweat sessions without stressing about how I’m going to fit them in. I know that they are not only important to my fitness and weight loss success, but also to keeping me energized so I can tackle this hectic schedule. Oh, I should mention that exercising is key to my mental health too!

My first Goji Challenge may technically be over, since I started my 30 Day Weight Loss challenge more than a month ago, but my efforts are still going strong. Last week I lost 1.9 pounds for a total weight loss of nearly eight pounds and a total of 8.5 inches! I started the Goji Challenge five weeks ago weighing in at 215.9 pounds. When I weighed in last time, I found that I was down to 208! I am getting so close to onederland (for those who do not know, onederland is weighing under 200 pounds). My goal is to make it to 199 pounds by the end of September. I have exactly five weeks to make that a reality. I am confident that I will reach and possibly exceed my fitness and health goals with my next Goji 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

I am trying not to focus solely on the numbers on the scale, but instead focus on feeling great and being happy. I know that if I do both of those things, I will get the numbers on the scale moving in the right direction. I am so thankful that I have found Goji Play. It has really given me the extra kick -in -the -butt I needed to get motivated and strive to get healthy and fit. And knowing that I can break up my cardio sessions throughout the day, if needed, gives me the flexibility I need to manage my household, my career and my health! 

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