How I Lost A Pound While On Vacation!

Posted by Keriann Lowry on July 29, 2015 at 5:23 PM

Road trips have always been one of my favorite things to do for a vacation. When I was growing up, we would take a quick road trip every weekend. I would stare out the window and daydream or take along one of my favorite books to read. We would always stop off by the gas station and grab some snacks to take with us. My go-to vacation snack was always a soda, a bag of chips and candy. I started associating road trips with eating junk food and always looked forward to doing so. It took me many years to get the habit of buying unhealthy summer food while traveling under control. Now and then, I still find myself slipping up and getting something I probably shouldn’t eat. Re-programming my habits is a slow process.

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During the first week of my Goji Challenge, we took a road trip to the beach. I knew that vacation diet and exercise were going to be tough. But I was motivated to get in shape! Instead of getting junk food, we loaded the ice chest up with cheese slices, crackers and water. Having the healthier snacks on hand really helped me conquer temptation when we stopped off at the gas station. I did not track my what I ate, as I should have. But I was more aware of what I was eating, and that was progress! We started the morning off right by having breakfast at the hotel. I would have either a yogurt and some fruit, or a bowl of semi-healthy cereal with low-fat milk. We also avoided eating lunch out at restaurants.

We were fortunate to be traveling with family who had prepared healthy food for us to eat. The only times we ate out were for dinner. I am sure I could have made healthier summer nutrition choices while dining out, but I did listen to my body and stopped eating when I felt full. Also, I limited my intake of sweets, while still allowing myself occasional little treats. I am extremely proud of myself for this accomplishment! I used to think of vacations as a time to indulge in whatever foods I wanted. Now I am motivated to be healthy and to maintain and even lose weight!

While we were at the beach I made sure to stay active. Our hotel had no cardio equipment available, so I wan not able to use my Goji Play. But I made sure to walk, play with the kids in the ocean and have fun. Of course, I had the dreaded inner turmoil that every woman faces while at the beach or pool: the swimsuit. Wearing a swimsuit makes me feel exposed. I almost did not wear mine because I was embarrassed and felt like people are staring at and judging me. I decided, to heck with it! I came here to have a great time with family and I made up my mind to not worry about what other people think of me. I wanted to set a good example of a positive body image for my children and show them an example of accepting of our bodies as we are, no matter what we look like. I know that I am on my way to getting fit and healthy and that embracing where I am at the moment is a good thing to do. I have found that self-acceptance really helps keep me motivated during my weight loss journey.


I am happy to report that I lost one pound during my first week of the Goji Challenge and while I was on at the beach! I will rejoice in any weight loss, especially one that occurred during my vacation week. Normally, I have a hard time getting back on track after indulging when traveling. But now, I look forward to getting back to a fitness routine, hopping on the stationary bike and playing my games on Goji Play. My goal for next week is to lose three pounds. I plan on achieving this goal by working out daily with Goji Play, drinking lots of water, and tracking my meals. I look forward to sharing the results of my 30 day weight loss challenge with you next week!


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