Inspiring My Family to Be Fit Motivates Me to Get in Shape

Posted by Leigh Conducy on July 1, 2015 at 4:26 PM

As I mentioned in my recent post Getting Exercise Back on Track After a Difficult Week, the tragic loss of a coworker hit me hard and my health suffered. My workouts took a back seat for a couple of weeks and I learned to allow myself the time and space to recover from the loss. It was really hard, but I did get back on track with my cardio exercise as quickly as I could. I feel good about how I managed that challenging time and about modeling for my kids how to get back to healthy habits after life's difficulties get in your way.


The physical behavior and habits that we can show our kids are what we pass down to them. My number one goal is that pass down the good eating habits and an healthy lifestyle that keeps me active. Just because I experienced less than ideal habits around food and exercise growing up on food stamps in Alaska, doesn't mean I'm destined to show those habits to my kids. Love for my family and free will motivates me to get out of my comfort zone and make lifestyle changes that improve my health and set great examples for fitness for my kids.  

The couch is overrated. Why sit on the couch and passively play video games when you can do two things at the same time? Play video games while you work out! It's more than a plea to get my kids out of screen zombie mode. Playing cardio games and getting fit is how I squeeze exercise and gaming into my busy life and is how I show my children an example of a active lifestyle they can adopt. All parents know kids will do more of what's fun and less of what isn't. GojiPlay allows me to make exercise fun for me and my family. 

Leading by example is so important to me with my little ones. I want them to have healthy, happy and long lives, so naturally I want to teach them how to eat right and stay in shape.  If your children are anything like mine, they do as I do, not as I say. That means it's doubly important that I take care of myself and show them how to live healthy by example.

You've probably noticed parents who are succeeding at setting good health and fitness examples. And you’ve probably seen some who aren't. I think most of us want to be living breathing examples of good nutrition, regular physical activity and overall fitness. Life can get really busy and exercise can easily fall by the wayside.

The Conducy family works out as one. We spend family time enjoying physically activities, like flying kites, riding bikes, going for walks and doing Jui Jitsu (my oldest daughter and I love this form of martial arts). I encourage parents to create an active culture that benefits entire family. The family that eats well and exercises together is happy and healthy together.

I look forward to teaching my little girls to stand up paddleboard next summer and showing my youngest daughter how to pedal her bike. These small and yet special moments with our families are what matter most and I am motivated to get in shape so I can make the most of them. 

What are your favorite ways to enjoy an active and fun lifestyle with your kids? How do you make cardio fun? Leave your suggestions in a comment! I'd love to hear.

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