Overcoming Workout Plateaus - Motivating Yourself for Cardio Exercise

Posted by Leigh Conducy on June 23, 2015 at 3:54 PM

The greatest thing about Blue Goji is right now! When I'm right in the eye of the motivate-myself-to-exercise-storm, I need something stronger than my willpower to push me to suceed. I am a little over half way through the first GojiChallenge and I have lost 12 pounds, but something inside me is holding me back from pushing through the next phase of my weight loss.


I feel better, but I feel frustrated with my weight-loss progress. When I look in the mirror, I still see the version of me I don't want to be anymore. I had a cheat meal on Sunday and it felt like a truck hit me the day after. I could tell that the salt content of the food I ate dehydrated me and the food in my stomach was making me sick. As I age, one meal seems to affect me more and more.

What I didn't do about feeling frustrated, was let myself get down about it. On Monday, I had a small and powerful bowl of granola and fruit. I pushed through the morning routine and had a couple slices of fresh wheat toast and turkey sandwhich, followed up with a banana. I began to feel better. I had a ProBar before my cardio workout and began feeling more motivated to get on the cardio equipment. As I mentioned in last week's post, Gettting Exercise Back on Track When Life Happens, "I may not be able to control every condition in the world, but I can control my health and am motivated to do so. And I will. I am!"

As I began my cardio exercise, I thought to myself, "The choice is yours to make, Leigh Conducy. You can go easy and muddle through this workout, or you could make the most of your excerise. Let's DO this!"

I crushed it! I was so inspired and motivated that I worked out even harder than before.

When I begin to feel a workout plateau coming, I know it's time to mix it up and change the Goji Play games I play, reset my diet and shuffle the deck. I love playing games and getting to play them is a reward I give myself for doing cardio exercise. If you read my first post, Take the Blue Goji Challenge, you may remember how excited I am that I get to play video games again! "The bonus is that I really missed playing video games and now I'm getting to enjoy playing and getting fit at the same time. #Guiltfreegaming." 

I've already lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks and that's a fitness accomlishment I can be proud of. And it motivates me to keep going! I am not going to allow myself to return to that other person in the mirror when I was 12 pounds heavier. I encourage you to remember your family, and above all cherish your life and your health. It's a gift you give yourself and those you love.

How do YOU push through exercise and diet plateaus? I'd love to hear your ideas, suggestions and comments on my posts and anything related to wellness and fitness. Please share your success and thoughts in the comments below. 

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Play and Get Fit! Life is too short to not have fun when you exercise. 

Thanks Goji Play!

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