Take The Goji Challenge for Weight Loss

Posted by Leigh Conducy on May 29, 2015 at 11:58 AM

My name is Leigh Conducy and I am taking the Goji Challenge to lose weight and get fit. I know exactly when my weight got out of control. Right after high school.

Leigh Takes Goji Challenge for Weight Loss and Improved Health & Fitness

I grew up very poor in Alaska. Most of the time, my mom and I were on food stamps and my diet was whatever we had available. My mom did her very best to give us everything we needed and I never starved, but I never got any extra servings and wasn’t offered all the food available to other kids.  

So, when I first started making money and could afford to buy my own food, I fell in love with eating. I went crazy, eating whatever I could get my hands on. That's when the weight gain started.

I have spent most of my adult life working long hours, doing blue collar labor and have never been able to prepare meals. Throughout my career, I ate on the fly and never stopped to sit down for meals. I have eaten whatever I could grab and then gone right back to work.

In 2008 I moved to Maui. My plan was to slow down, work a 40 hour week and start making time for myself. Maui is where I began my quest to really lose weight. I showed up to Maui weighing 285 pounds - the biggest I had ever been.  I started running and paddle boarding. I dropped all the way down to around 230, which for me, was awesome. I also picked up Jiu Jitsu in Maui and have been practicing that sport ever since. I love it and consider it my favorite hobby.

Now, life has changed. I've moved to Minnesota. I am a husband with two kids and one on the way. I work full time and am devoted to my family, so finding time for my health has been difficult. I needed to find a different way to get healthy. I needed something I could enjoy, something to motivate me to do cardio, because I dreaded getting on those exercise machines. An online search led me to Goji Play, which was exactly what I had been looking - but didn't know existed. Weight loss seemed finally seemed doable.

I bought a system and loved it so much, I contacted Blue Goji and asked to be the company's "Jared." This is the beginning of my journey and I hope you'll follow me and we can encourage and inspire each other.

My starting weight for my Goji Challenge was 270 pounds, and at 5'7", I know I have to change the way I eat in order to live longer and enjoy more time with my children. I have to center my thoughts and focus my energy on choices and products that induce a change in my behavior. I've been doing things my way for 36 years, so these are big, sweeping shifts in behavior. Very challenging! But I know I can and will do it!

I am 12 days into my Goji Challenge and I have lost six pounds! I weighed in this morning at 264 pounds. I'm feeling great! The first week I lost five pounds and then last week I only lost one, so this is an up and down process. But I'm committed and life is getting better everyday. The Goji fitness plan is in full swing and playing games empowers me to push through my workouts and overcome the dips. When I'm playing Fisticuffs and APO Snow, the time flies by, making it easier to stick to my cardio plan. The bonus is that I really missed playing video games and now I'm getting to enjoy playing and getting fit at the same time. #Guiltfreegaming

Join me and the rest of the Blue Goji community to encourage me and help me achieve my goals. Follow me at @LeighConducy on Twitter. Let's compete on the leaderboard! I logged 9 hours and 40 minutes of Goji Play this last week. The week before, I logged 12 hours and 35 minutes. In 12 days, I have put almost 23 hours of Goji Play toward my quest for a healthier life! Join me and let's get fit together.

Say to yourself "I, too, accept the Goji Challenge." Subscribe to the Blue Goji Blog, follow my progress or compete with me. It'll be fun either way!

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