Top 7 Ways I Stay Motivated with My Goji Weight Loss Challenge

Posted by Leigh Conducy on August 26, 2015 at 3:52 PM

In my last blog, I was in a state of frustration. I'm sure most of you know how that feels. Sometimes, I work hard and I don't see the results right away. Or, even after a little more time. The week before last, I gained three pounds. Sigh. After working so hard to lose weight, it can be challenging to keep my mind determined when my physical body shows disappointing results. What a roller coaster weight loss can be!

But, my experience has been an overall success and I've added several new ways to motivate myself when the fitness going gets rough. 

Fitness Motivation Inspiration for Total Health and Wellness

This Sunday I weighed in at 254, three pounds lighter than the week before. In total, no move one way or the other in the past couple of weeks, but headed back in the right direction! Let's hear it for non-scale victories (NSV)!

Weight loss has been as much of a mental challenge as it has been a physical one. I’ve learned about myself and what I am capable of, and I'm capable of a lot! I use these lessons as workout motivation to keep me excited about my journey to fitness and health.

My Top 7 Ways I Learned to Stay Motivated with My Goji Weight Loss Challenge

  1. I’ve learned I have the physical and mental strength to power through my demanding jiu-jitsu sessions.
  2. I’ve also been amazed by my new relationship with food and how my diet and overall nutrition are improving. Over the past several weeks, I’ve stayed on the healthy course, despite the occasional move in the wrong direction on the scale. Compared to the past, when I would have let the setback drive me to make continuously poor food choices, I am definitely pleased and feel motivated!
  3. I'm starting to internalize the wisdom and advice offered by weight loss experts. I ask myself questions like, "How do I feel? Did I give my best effort today?" Then I think positive, encouraging thoughts. "Keep doing what I'm doing. Don't let the scale be my only motivation. I am getting healthier and happier!”
  4. I focus on how much better I feel and how I much better my overall state of wellness is, rather than worry about how I look.
  5. My improving health gives me more time and energy to enjoy my family and that is what I care about most. I played with my kids for twice as long without breaking a sweat. 
  6. I use the frustration of weight gain to motivate me to refocus my diet and mix it up completely. The same can be said for my workout routine. Getting bored with your workout? Change it! 
  7. I review and celebrate my scale and non-scale victories (NSV)! Right after an amazing workout, I pull out my phone and record how I feel, so that the next time I feel unmotivated to workout, I can review and relish that earlier success. That helps me reset my mind when I don't feel inspired to exercise. 

I'm a Blue Goji brand ambassador because it works! The "I don't want to do cardio" mentality changes when I have tools like Goji Play games and apps to occupy my mind and inspire me to workout. I started my Goji Challenge at 270 pounds and currently weigh 254 pounds. Three months in, 16 pounds lost so far and 24 more to go! This success is my fitness motivation!

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