Inside the Gojiverse: Branding Brilliance

Posted by B.H.Butler on August 20, 2019 at 10:42 AM

When it comes to presenting your business in a fashion that captures your central mission and conveys to your audience the essence of your platform, a steady and intuitive personality at the helm is essential. Here at Blue Goji, our leader in this capacity is Kyra Constam. As our Senior Marketing Associate, Kyra is constantly designing and re-shaping our online presence. In addition to designing and maintaining our websites for both Blue Goji and our flagship mobile game Furiends, Kyra helps organize any events that we host, ensuring that our products are well received by the public. 


Background of Brilliance

Beginning her professional career as an intern for marketing and branding agency Moira Studio in Boston, Kyra has brought her initial marketing experience and myriad talents to our team for the past three years. In that time, she has solidified her role as a pillar of our marketing and branding team. As one of the youngest team members at the company, she shows prowess and skill beyond that of her contemporaries with unique insight into current marketing trends. We expect Kyra’s assistance to bring great things in the near future as we prepare to launch our Infinity Treadmill and EverCare program. Under the mission she helped refocus, this launch will “make being healthy a more fun and immersive experience than it has ever been before.”



Well-Rounded Craftsman

Among Kyra’s other excellent qualities, her constant positivity and ability to adapt to any challenge that presents itself, make her an indispensable asset for our team here at Blue Goji. In a recent interview, Kyra said that she feels her opinion is genuinely valued with us and that it is nice working for a startup where discourse with the CEO is easy and reciprocated. Her corgi named Hugo has also enjoyed working here at Blue Goji. Being a pet-friendly company, we welcome employees to bring their animals into the office. Unfortunately for Hugo, he was so excited to be a part of the team, he just couldn’t stop barking. He has since been placed on temporary administrative leave.




Answers and Anecdotes

When asked why she enjoys working at Blue Goji, Kyra mentioned that the environment of a small company with a focus on improving “health and wellness in the modern age”, presents her with the opportunity to try new strategies and wear many hats. The fluid nature of her job and the necessity of playing many roles simultaneously, challenges her in a way that employs all of her skills. These range from graphic design and photography, to event coordination and social media marketing. On a day-to-day basis, Kyra can be found testing out new marketing strategies for various online platforms, posting engaging content on our social media outlets or designing content for new additions to our websites.



As we near the official launch of our Infinity System, Kyra is currently focused on revamping our online presence, tailoring our website and social media to focus on the Infinity and its release. With her guidance, we know that the Infinity will create positive waves in both the gaming and healthcare industries.


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