DinoFense: A Blue Goji VR Game Review

Posted by B.H.Butler on April 29, 2020 at 10:17 AM

The user is perched atop a high wall, overlooking a strikingly hexagonal landscape. Huts, caves, totem poles and angry cavemen dominate the landscape. Using the VR headset to aim at the aggressive cavemen, the user launches a cascade of rocks from their semi-automatic slingshot. It takes a few misses before their accuracy is dialed in, but soon only a single caveman remains.

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The Excitement

As the user takes aim, they are surprised by a hollow clicking sound when they press the “Fire” button. They have stopped moving on the treadmill and as a result, their ammo has been depleted. To replenish their supply of rocks, they start walking briskly and soon have reloaded the slingshot. Just before the last caveman is within striking distance, he is met with an avalanche of stones. The Dinos are safe for another wave.

The Details

This is what awaits players when they embark on the VR adventure Dinofense. Our game puts a unique spin on the 1st person shooter dynamic. Users play as a dinosaur, fighting off cavemen, crabs, and other whacky enemies. The goal is to rescue and defend the dinosaurs as they struggle to withstand wave after wave of invaders.


The Focus 
Dinofense is a VR experience designed to test a user’s dual task ability. As long as they continue to walk on the treadmill, their stash of ammo will be replenished. But aiming requires them to look at their targets and center the reticule using their head movement. Doing this while walking increases the difficulty and with each wave the enemies increase in number and speed.


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While Dinofense does demand that users continually walk during gameplay, walking at a steady pace is enough to stay loaded with ammo. This allows for players that enjoy slow walking to succeed and fend off the enemies of the Dinos. This VR experience allows the user to set the pace and a variety of levels, ranging from easy to challenging, enable players to engage at whatever level they are comfortable.


If you want to know more about Dinofense or any of our other games that will be released as part of the Infinity System, please let us know below with a question or comment. We always enjoy hearing from our fans.

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