5 Easy Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

Posted by B.H.Butler on November 21, 2019 at 10:14 AM

People often decide that they’re going to improve their overall health but then struggle with how to begin the process. Changing your lifestyle to adopt a healthier approach to living can seem daunting–but have no fear. Here is a list of 5 simple changes that can form the foundation for a healthier lifestyle.

1. Stop drinking sodas and other high-sugar beverages

It is no secret that processed sugars and corn syrup are not ideal for a healthy diet. While it may be difficult to resist, if you can eliminate unnecessary sugar intake via sodas, sweet tea, etc., you instantly give yourself an advantage when it comes to tackling the more difficult aspects of a healthy lifestyle.



2. Drink water

It seems obvious but too many people don’t drink enough water. The average person is advised to drink between 2 and 4 liters of water per day. This amount gives your body the fluid required to keep all systems firing at full speed and will aid in digestion. In tandem with the first suggested tip, drinking more water will help you feel better overall as you continue your efforts to be a healthier person.



3. Start a simple exercise regimen

People can feel overwhelmed by attempting a comprehensive exercise plan, but if you can begin with an easy and limited exercise routine, you give yourself a better chance to stick with a more rigorous workout, later on. If you are fortunate enough to live within a reasonable distance to your work, consider walking or cycling to your job. Walking to work is a simple method of tricking yourself into working out. It will take some adjustment as far as your timing and commute are concerned but is a simple way to add some calorie-burning time to your schedule.



4. Reduce your calorie intake by exercising portion control

Rather than trying to adjust your diet monumentally, start by simply limiting the amount of food that you eat. Ultimately, a well-balanced diet should be the desired goal for anyone hoping to employ a completely healthy lifestyle, but changing your diet can be tough. The old adage “my eyes were bigger than my stomach” is often too true for many adults. By reducing the amount of food you ingest, you encourage your body to process stored fat and ultimately, boost your metabolism.



5. Take a break from technology

In today’s world, people often waste too much time on their smart devices. This is dangerous for several reasons: too much blue-light exposure is not good for your eyes, overuse of technology often leads to a more sedentary lifestyle, social media addiction can lead you to become more isolated which can cause depression. In general, time spent away from smart devices will be time spent interacting with the real world, which is beneficial as it affords you opportunities to move, learn, play, and more.


These tips are simple methods you can employ to immediately improve your health while preparing your mind and body for more significant change in the future. Living a healthy lifestyle is a long term commitment that requires consistent practice just like any other new endeavor. Starting at a lighter pace is more manageable and can give you the inspiration and dedication required to tackle more challenging life and wellness changes.


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