Infinity On The Road: Neuroscience 2019 Recap

Posted by B.H.Butler on November 5, 2019 at 11:23 AM

Recently, Blue Goji participated as an exhibitor at the Neuroscience 2019 convention in Chicago. We were at the convention with our partners from Woodway Treadmills during the poster and exhibiting sessions from October 20-23. It was a non-stop whirlwind of excitement around booth #1143 as we showed off our newest and best VR experiences on the Infinity Treadmill.



A Marquee Event

It truly was a singular experience getting to present our machine and gaming platform at one of the premier events for brain science. Countless professors, students, scientists, and healthcare professionals stopped by and went for a walk on the Infinity. The common consensus was exactly what we hoped for: intrigue, surprise, and enjoyment had by all who gave our system a try.




Opportunity for Optimization

Neuroscience 2019 presented us with the ideal opportunity to demonstrate our patented Infinity Treadmill and showcase just how effective we believe it will be for assisting older populations with healthy aging. As the official launch of the Infinity approaches, getting user feedback about the experience is invaluable as we prepare for our final push and finalize the production design. User comfort and enjoyment are essential components of our mission. Hearing from a wide range of participants about their likes and dislikes with regard to the Infinity aids us in tailoring the best possible experience for all users.




Research and Reach Out

Additionally, one of our goals for participating in the convention was to make contacts with potential labs and companies involved in clinical research. We were able to do just that and have several new leads on getting our machine into testing labs where our target population can use them and experience the benefits. Overall, we feel that Neuroscience 2019 was a success and we look forward to the opportunities that it afforded us.




Stay tuned for more news about where the Infinity will pop up next. For more information about our recent and future endeavors, subscribe to our blog. Question and comments are welcome below.


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