Blue Goji to Aid Veterans with Debut Pilot Program

Posted by B.H.Butler on October 17, 2019 at 9:46 AM

Recently, Blue Goji has partnered with the largest healthcare system within the Department of Veterans Affairs to spearhead a pilot program aimed at reworking the paradigm of healthcare in America. Over the course of the next several months, Blue Goji will team up with patients and healthcare professionals at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare Center to implement our new EverCare health program. Our goal is to aid and improve the current process of healthcare for veterans and older adults.



Full Immersion

Utilizing a combination of our state-of-the-art Infinity Treadmills, VR gaming platforms and mobile applications, we will implement a new system, wherein patients, caregivers and doctors will be given the tools and accessibility to revamp their approach to individualized health plans. Patients will have the opportunity to use our Infinity Treadmills for immersive exercise and cognitive conditioning. Additionally, they'll have access to our online mobile platforms, for things like group therapy, as well as immediate contact and support from healthcare professionals.




Exercise That Excites

Our VR games will be utilized for incentivizing patients to exercise. Simultaneously, these games provide a genuinely fun gaming experience. With our range of VR games extending from approachable and simple, to physically demanding, there will be ample opportunity for people from all walks of life to enjoy and excel within our games, while enjoying the benefits of movement and exercise in the real world. We have recently updated our game GoBikes to include a multiplayer option, opening up the chance for players to engage in healthy competition if they so desire.


Wealth of Resources

In tandem with the use of our Infinity system, participants in the program will also be given access to our online platforms for tracking and improving both physical and mental wellness. EverCare will facilitate communication between patients via online support groups as well as between patients and their caregivers. This component of the program will mitigate the need for unnecessary doctor visits which will in turn, lighten the load for both doctors and patients. In addition, patients will be able to provide support to anyone with similar conditions and experiences, sharing personal successes and struggles in an electively anonymous online environment. EverCare will also provide patients with myriad online resources related to their particular issues. These features will add yet another layer of support for the management and treatment of personal health issues.

Imagine a world where patients can get answers and support from the devices in their pockets, without the need for tiring doctor visits; a world where they feel empowered when it comes to their plan for better health. We at Blue Goji are striving to make this world a reality and when our model for new innovative healthcare has been realized, we plan to scale our operation as far and wide as possible.


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