Inside the Gojiverse: Understanding UI

Posted by B.H.Butler on August 8, 2019 at 10:26 AM

As with all businesses that have an online platform, Blue Goji is proud of our unique and appealing UI (User Interface). It is essentially the first interaction that we have with our customers and is therefore paramount to our relationship with them. When one of our customers logs onto our Infinity Play platform, the UI is what greets them and directs them in how to play our games and activate our programs. One of our team members that is constantly shaping and improving our UI is Coleman Stewart. Coleman is in charge of our UI development and in a very real way, the face of our company and its mission. 


Background of Brilliance

As a 30 year-old developer, Coleman is well-versed in the world of UI and understands what it takes to create a platform that is both visually stimulating and easy to comprehend for even the most novice-level users. Using his almost 15 years of experience and intuition to feel out potential issues and form solutions for our ever-changing UI platform, he exists as a cornerstone for our company, tirelessly exercising his prowess in the realm of UI development to help enhance our user experience and deliver our message to customers. When asked about how he approaches his responsibilities at Blue Goji, Coleman said, “I have a feel for how things should look and intuitively know what needs to be reworked.” We are certainly glad of that.



Well-Rounded Craftsman

Coleman has been with Blue Goji since November of 2018 and since that time has left his mark on the progression of all our programs and gaming platforms. Being an avid gamer himself, Coleman knows what users enjoy and does a masterful job of combining those elements with the more functional aspects of our UI. Additionally, Coleman dabbles in the mediums of 3D modeling and digital art, which complements his already skillful eye for UI that is enjoyable and understandable.


UI photo


Answers and Anecdotes

Here at Blue Goji, health and wellness are central to everything we create and we love it when our employees are inspired to self improve as a result of working with us. Recently, Coleman was working on integrating a heart-rate monitor for our UI and was surprised to read his own heart rate as staggeringly over the acceptable norm for someone his age. “I thought, ‘oh my god this is like deathly high, I need to do something about this… Turns out the monitor was wrong though. It was picking up my thumb’s pulse and my heartbeat, but literally my job inspired me to work out more.” We hope that Coleman’s personal aspirations aligning with our company’s mission, will bring improvement and success to both us and our customers. Currently, Coleman is working on the UI components of our latest project that will allow streaming services for users of the Infinity System. As part of our anticipated EverCare program, Coleman is designing and improving aspects of our online platforms that will facilitate communication and interaction between users, instructors and health professionals.



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