Reflecting on 2020: A Lesson In Flexibility

Posted by Kyra Constam on January 5, 2021 at 10:48 AM

An unforgettable year is–finally–coming to an end. To describe 2020 as only “unforgettable” is a bit of an understatement. The challenges this year brought have changed the way we work and interact, potentially for the long haul. With all of our in-person events and trade-shows cancelled in March and for the rest of the year, along with production delays for the Infinity System, our team took the downtime to focus on developing our products so that they could be in their best position when we can showcase them again. Amidst a global pandemic, our team expanded to better accomplish this goal. The past several months have seen us working from home but still working together to turn Blue Goji’s vision into reality. At the beginning of 2021, we’re reflecting on the highlights and hardships that are propelling us into a successful new year.


Early Lows

We started off 2020 believing this was the year we’d be able to fully release our Infinity System. As COVID-19 was beginning to spread overseas, we started facing production delays before we knew what was yet to come. At this point, our release date is a bit up in the air but we’re taking this time to test every aspect with more attention than ever.

Our first and last trade show of 2020 was APTACSM in Denver with Woodway. We received excellent feedback on the system while exhibiting throughout the event. Looking forward, we hope to continue showcasing our equipment in partnership with Woodway.

Mid-Year Unrest

When talking about 2020, it’s imperative to mention racial injustice and the resulting global aftermath. For many, this year forced them to reckon with racism, inequality, and police brutality. As a small tech company, it may seem like we could easily distance ourselves from these events. In reality, we feel a responsibility to be actively against the ideas that perpetuate any injustices. Thanks to our CEO Coleman Fung, Blue Goji was able to contribute to our local community with $10,000 donations to Restoring Justice and Austin Area Urban League, respectively. With philanthropy at our company’s core, we aim to continue paying it forward in 2021 and beyond.


In June, we also welcomed a new group of employees to help Blue Goji achieve its goals for the Infinity System. These UC Berkeley MEng and PhD graduates, as well as a new Frontend Engineer, are developing new games and programs for Infinity hardware that utilize its unique features to their best ability. Thanks to our whole team’s hard work, we are on track to start testing with a beta version of our MVP program in late January 2021.

Gearing Up for a New Year

The end of the year continued on like the past several months with all employees working from home, testing our products internally, and some more delays of projects we have in the works. On the bright-side, an exciting partnership that was originally scheduled to begin at the end of September 2020 is finally moving forward this month.



We have high hopes for 2021 but are keeping expectations low to avoid the disappointment and frustration that 2020 brought. After a year of challenges, we’re confident we can make it through this next year, and may even be able to release our cutting edge technologies.


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