How to Embrace Technology for a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted by Kyra Constam on July 23, 2020 at 10:00 AM

This blog post was originally published September 28, 2017 and has since been updated.

Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to avoid technology. When not staring at a screen for work, you might be glued to a smartphone. There are new studies and reports pretty regularly about the dangers of too much tech. It makes sense that you may want to get away from the constant presence of technology once and awhile. Taking a total break is certainly a viable option, but you can also use your plethora of electronics to your benefit. Don’t make technology the enemy: read on to learn just a few ways to use it to your advantage, perhaps in ways you may not have previously thought.


The modern world is no stranger to mobile applications. Whether you have iOS or Android, there’s seemingly an app for anything you could possibly need. With so many choices, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of health apps to utilize. Starting at the most basic health apps are Apple Health and Google Fit for each respective device. The two act as kind of dashboard to sync information from other apps, then display the many types of information to users in one place. They cover activity, mindfulness, nutrition, and sleep. Our own app GojiGo (available as beta testing) is an activity tracker that supports a wide range of popular activities and sports, incorporating customized warm-up and cool-off times for each activity or sport. It can sync with our GojiVerse portal to keep track of any and all usage of Blue Goji apps. Besides tracking movement and exercise, you can also use apps to track food intake. Beyond simply counting calories, there are a number of apps that help you eat a balanced and nutritious diet.

For some, carrying around a device to track activity can be cumbersome–enter wearables. Bracelets, rings, watches, bands, etc allow users to have a hands-free experience while still creating a record of activity, like steps taken and time standing. Wearables make it even easier than apps to keep tabs on how active you are. Constantly seeing the numbers can keep you motivated to do more, but it can also make you obsessed with what you’re not doing. But beware of getting too caught up in the figures wearables track. If you do feel like wearable devices work best for you, see if a specialized band can do even more for you.

Virtual Reality is slowly gaining more of a presence in average consumers’ lives. With headsets becoming cheaper and more content being created, users can now play games and participate in experiences that are beneficial for their health. Many games exist that get the player moving, whether that’s the intention or not. These active games make fitness fun and more approachable to someone who may not regularly go to the gym, as they can be much more entertaining than a typical gym workout. At Blue Goji, all of our games have some component that is good for health. Some of our games help you move more, while others help to exercise the brain or challenge mobility. Research shows that VR will continue to grow in the field of health/healthcare.


Guided Meditations
Sometimes mental health is ignored when people think about having a healthy lifestyle but it’s just as important as physical health. Thankfully, today’s technology caters to improving both physical and mental health. Our own app GojiTate (in an earlier form of testing) offers guided meditation to help you achieve calmness and mindfulness. Another mediation service is Headspace, which aims to make meditation less intimidating and more practical. 

While the omnipresence of technology can sometimes promote unhealthy lifestyles and create stress, there are also a wide variety of tools for becoming more healthy that are only available thanks to technology. Follow our tips to focus on using technology to your advantage, rather than getting sucked into the negative aspects of it. But remember, when overwhelmed, it’s completely okay to take a total break from technology, including your phone, social media, and more.

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